Pirenopolis lectures

This is the set of slides of lectures on canonical quantum gravity presented by Jorge Pullin in the conference on fundamental interaction in the Center-West, at Pirenopolis, Brazil, August 21-23, 2000.

Disclaimer: The lectures were prepared very fast, since I was a last-minute replacement speakers. They undoubtedly contain typos. All equations must only be taken as suggestive (ignoring overall factors in most cases, since there might be inconsistencies in conventions across the various topics). Some of the presentations are necessarily oversimplified, since this was a school mostly directed to graduate students with some background on gravity but with no experience in the topic. I have tried to include most recent key references for further reading, but referencing is probably not as complete as one would expect in papers. I referenced several papers and pieces of work verbally as well. In particular the lectures do not cover spin foams and I mentioned this several times in the talks. As I receive feedback I will try to update the lectures with corrections if possible. The printable PDF files were downscaled 90% so they should print correctly in A4 paper as well.

  • Lecture 1 [ HTML , PDF ]
  • Lecture 2 [ HTML , PDF ]
  • Lecture 3 [ HTML , PDF ]