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September, 1994

Reading Guide to the New Variables

Our intention in creating this list is to compile a guide to the new variables. We hope this will help you to find the ``pre-requisites'' as well as some of the more contemporary work on this approach to quantum gravity. We've divided the list into ten fields. In each field we've listed references roughly in order of difficulty/sophistication.

You're encouraged not to read linearly (this is, after-all, a non-linear field!) For instance, you might start with the more recent book by Abhay known as ``Lectures...'' (the blue book), the older ``New Perspectives...'' or the shorter, more inspirational, ``Primer'' by Jorge and then backtrack to pick up the background you find you need. For information not covered here, ask around! Let us know about your favorite references.

-- Seth Major and Troy Schilling

Since we completed this list, two books have been brought to our attention:

John Baez has a new introductory book! Gauge Fields, Knots and Gravity (World Scientific 1994 ISBN 981-02-2034-0 (paperback))

Volume 434 of Springer-Verlag's Lecture Notes in Physics , Canonical Gravity From Classical to Quantum is the proceedings of a conference held in September 1993.

Classical Mechanics - Symplectic structures:
Constrained Systems:
Hamiltonian Formulation of GR - 3+1:
New Variables:
Loop Representation:
Fibre Bundles:
Connections in Field Theory/on Principal Bundles:

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