Fall 97, Spring 98 seminar list.

Fall 1998 SCHEDULE

Audio and slide scans are now available for our seminars, please follow the highlighted links.
Audio recordings are digital starting with Frittelli's talk, giving much better sound quality.

Thursday, August 27: Dr. John Barrett, University of Nottingham, England, 1-2pm,
"State Sum Models for Quantum Gravity"

Tuesday, September 1: Dr. Jorge Pullin, Physics Dept. & CGPG, Penn State, 1-2pm,
"Colliding Black Holes: Why now? And how?"

Thursday, September 3: Dr. Pablo Laguna, Astronomy Dept. & CGPG, Penn State, 1-2pm,
"Top Ten Open Problems on the Numerical Simulation of Black Hole Collisions"

Tuesday, September 8: Dr. Peter Saulson, Syracuse University, 12-1 pm,
"Gravitational Wave Detection: What then must we do?"

Thursday, September 10: Dr. Lee Samuel Finn, Physics Dept. & CGPG, Penn State, 1-2pm,
"LIGO and Gravitational-Wave Phenomenology"

Tuesday, September 15: Dr. Karen Camarda, Penn State, 1-2 p.m.
"Numerical Evolution of Dynamic 3-D Black Holes: Extracting Waves"

Thursday, September 17: Dr. Rodolfo Gambini, Instituto de Fisica, Uruguay, 1-2pm,
"Vassiliev Invariants, the Space Cyl* and the Quantum Gravity Constraints"

Tuesday, September 22: Dr. Jean-Luc Brylinski, Penn State, 1-2 pm
"The Mysterious Analogs of the Kac-Moody Cocycle for Higher-Dimensional Gauge Groups"

Thursday, September 24: Dr. Simonetta Frittelli, Duquesne University, 1-2 pm,
"Einstein Equations with Asymptotically Stable Constraint Propagation"

Tuesday, September 29: Dr. Hans-Peter Nollert, Universitaet Tuebingen, Germany, 1-2 pm
"Asteroseismology with Gravitational Waves: Chasing w-modes of neutron stars"

Thursday, October 1: Dr. Lee Smolin, Penn State, 1-2 pm
"Where are we in the search for quantum gravity?"

Tuesday, October 6: Dr. Abhay Ashtekar, Penn State, 1-2 pm
"Quantum General Relativity 101"

Thursday, October 8: Mr. Kirill Krasnov, Penn State, 1-2 pm
"What We Know and Don't Know About Quantum Black Holes"

Tuesday, October 13: Dr. Roger Penrose, Oxford University, 1-2 pm
"New Developments in Gravitationally Induced Quantum State Reduction, Theoretical and Experimental"

Thursday, October 15: Dr. Bernd Bruegmann, Max Planck Institut fuer Physiks, Potsdam, Germany, 1-2 pm
"Black Holes in 3D Numerical Relativity"

Tuesday, October 20: Dr. Bei-Lok Hu, University of Maryland, 1-2pm
"Stochastic Semiclassical Gravity"

Thursday, October 22: Dr. Ramesh Narayan, Harvard University, 1-2pm
"Informal discussion--SOURCE ESTIMATES FOR LIGO"

Friday, October 23: Dr. Alain Connes, IHES, France, 3:30 pm
"Non-Commutative Geometry and Renormalization"

Tuesday, October 27: Dr. Max Banados, Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain, 1-2pm
"The 2+1 Black Hole Partition Function"

Thursday, October 29: Dr. Fotini Markopoulou, Penn State 1-2 pm
"Internal Logic of Causal Sets: What the Universe Looks Like from the Inside."

Monday, November 2: Dr. Donald Marolf, Syracuse University, 1-2pm
"Group Averaging: A Uniqueness Theorem"

Thursday, November 5: Mr. Sameer Gupta, Penn State 1-2 pm
"Spin Modes and Avalanches"

Tuesday, November 10: NO SEMINAR

Thursday, November 12: Dr. Ik Siong Heng, University of Western Australia, 1-2 pm
"Operational Characteristics of the Resonant Mass Gravitational Wave Antenna, Niobe".

Monday, November 16: JOINT EPF-CGPG SEMINAR: Dr. David Gross, Inst. for Theoretical Physics, University of California (Santa Barbara), 10 a.m., Room S5 Osmond Laboratory
"Can String Theory Help Us Solve QCD?"

Tuesday, November 17: NO SEMINAR. MARKER LECTURES.

Thursday, November 19: Dr. Joerg Frauendiener, Universitaet Tuebingen, Germany, 1-2 pm
"Conformal Methods in Numerical Relativity".

Monday, November 23: Mr. Malik Rakhmanov, CalTech, 1-2pm
"Non-stationary shot noise and sensitivity of LIGO interoferometers"

Tuesday, November 24: Dr. Raphael Bousso, Stanford University, 1-2 pm
"Proliferation of de Sitter Space".

Thursday, November 26: HOLIDAY

Tuesday, December 1: Dr. Abhay Ashtekar, Penn State, 1-2 pm
"Isolated Horizons: A Physical Generalization of Black Hole Mechanics"

Thursday, December 3: Dr. Jeff Winicour, University of Pittsburgh, 1-2 pm
"Horizons and Gravitational Waves".

Tuesday, December 8: Dr. Martin Rainer, Penn State, 1-2 pm
"The Multidimensional \sigma Model and p-branes"

Wednesday, December 9: Ms. Konstantina Savvidou, Imperial College, 1-2pm
"The Action Functional in Continuous Time Histories"

Thursday, December 10: Dr. Carlo Rovelli, Marseille and University of Pittsburgh, 1-2 pm
"Dressed Vertices and Scaling in Loop Quantum Gravity"